There is no doubt our public transportation needs attention, but before we build out to undeveloped areas, and raise taxes, we first must address the needs of the downtown area. The problem is too much traffic. We can't alleviate traffic with a train that takes away part of the already congested roadways. We must address the issue at the places traffic bottlenecks. Downtown is residential now, and many people also commute to work there, everyone from musicians, bartenders, lawyers, professionals of all types. We also have the largest and loudest parties in the country here. (let’s go for the world record!!) We need commuter rails that do not operate were cars currently do. They do not need to be interconnected. They should run from locations at every point of entry to the city yet close enough for residents to walk or ride the bus too. (such as near the Kroger were 24 and Briley Parkway intersect). They will require large parking garages, and they should run directly to a stop near downtown, either running along or above the highway. One stop and back all day. The overpasses downtown are excellent locations for the downtown stops. Remove the current parking lots at some of these locations to encourage people to use the system, (no need for parking at the downtown terminal) and use the overpass as a roof for an open-air station. I believe if we privatized this system we could easily find a company that will build it to operate it under a long-term contract. Making this proposal one that doesn't carry a price tag.